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2019 IIBD International Case Competition

2019 IIBD International Case Competition

Established in 2008, the IIBD International Case Competition is a competition for IIBD member and non-member universities worldwide. The Competition aims at giving students a fruitful learning experience outside classrooms. Students will have the chance to gain hands-on experiences to tackle real-world business problems, which highlight the strategic challenges and managerial dilemmas, and to network with peers and industry professionals from across the globe.

Organised by HKBU School of Business, the Final Round of the 2019 IIBD International Case Competition will be held on 1 November 2019, Friday, at Hong Kong Baptist University.

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Application Deadline

31 May 2019, Friday, 23:59 HKT


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2019 IIBD International Case Competition

Competition Format

First Round

  • All participating teams will be assigned with a case on 18 June 2019, Tuesday, and have to submit the case analysis report by 28 June 2019, Friday.
  • Report format and page limit:
    • The case analysis report should be within 10 pages (excluding appendices) plus a 2-page Executive Summary based on the case;
    • The appendices should be within 10 pages for supporting material only (rather than compulsory material to be read and marked).

Final Round

  • Five finalist teams will be chosen to enter the Final Round of the Competition on 1 November 2019, Friday, at Hong Kong Baptist University.
  • The finalist teams will have six hours to research, analyse, develop a set of action plans, and make recommendations to a business case.
  • Each finalist team will have 20 minutes to present, followed by a 15-minutes Q&A session to answer questions from the panel of judges.
Awards (for Final Round Competition)
  • Gold Prize: USD1500 per team and Trophy

  • Silver Prize: USD900 per team and Trophy
  • Bronze Prize: USD700 per team and Trophy
  • Best Presenter: USD200 and Trophy
  • All business students from universities around the globe, either IIBD member and non-member universities, are eligible.
  • Each university can nominate ONE team. Each team should consist of a maximum of 4 business students, with no more than one graduate student per team.
  • Students of the same team must come from the same institution at the time of application.
  • Each team should be supervised by a Faculty Supervisor.
  • The hosting institution will be eligible to have one team in the Final Round of the Competition.
  • 31 May 2019

    Application deadline

  • 18 June 2019

    First Round case assigned to all participating teams

  • 28 June 2019

    Deadline for submission of the analysis report of the First Round case

  • 16 September 2019

    Result announcement of five finalist teams

  • 1 November 2019

    Final Round of the Competition at Hong Kong Baptist University

Judging Criteria
  1. Identification of Problems
    Does the team correctly identify and analyse the main problems and subsidiary issues?

  2. Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
    Does the team present insightful and thorough analysis of the company and the industry, showing strong understanding of the business environment? Does the team conduct all the necessary quantitative and qualitative analyses?

  3. Quality of Recommendations and Alternatives
    Does the team consider more than one alternative solution? Does the team provide good evidence and considerations in the selection of the recommendations? Are the recommendations entirely practical and realistic? Are the recommendations logically tie-in to analysis that there is a clear linkage between the analysis and the recommendations? Does the team demonstrate excellent out-of-the-box thinking? Are the recommendations and solutions effective with good justification? Are the recommendations entirely driven by business strategy?

  4. Implementation and Plan of Actions
    Is there a comprehensive implementation plan including practical timeframe, measurable milestones and key players involved? Are cost, control issues and potential problems fully recognised and addressed, and with additional contingencies plan?

  5. Report Format and Writing Style (Applicable to First Round only)
    Is the report well-structured, concise and sharp, with appropriate formatting?

  6. Handling of Questions (Applicable to Final Round only)
    How well does the team defend the position and clearly address the subject matter? Does the group maintain a good balance between team members when handling questions?

  7. Presentation Form and Style (Applicable to final round only)
    Is the team’s presentation clear, well-structured, creative and professional?

Accommodation for Non-local Finalists
Accommodation from 31 October to 3 November 2019 (3 nights) with maximum 3 twins rooms, will be provided for each non-local finalist team by the IIBD International Case Competition. Cost of extra room and night requested by non-local finalist teams has to be paid on their own expense.



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