Wing Lung Bank International Institute for Business Development

About IIBD

About iibd

Wing Lung Bank International Institute for Business Development

Hosted by Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) since its creation in 1993, the Wing Lung Bank International Institute for Business Development (IIBD) is an international consortium comprised of 18 member universities in Australia, Canada, Sweden, Thailand, the Netherlands, the Philippines, the UK, the US & China.

IIBD’s mission is to facilitate the growth and development of international business education activities through the cooperation and joint ventures with its global network.

Pursuant to these objectives, IIBD developed various programmes, activities and exchanges between academic institutions and enterprises. IIBD organises study tour programmes, faculty and student exchange programmes, seminars, international academic conferences and executive development programmes that enable students from HKBU, Mainland China and other countries to broaden their perspectives through exchange of ideas and experiences.

The IIBD also serves as the coordinating office of the HKBU School of Business to liaise with international partners and to facilitate collaborative research with partner universities and professional organisations. We believe active participation in IIBD activities will help students acquire the versatility and adaptability to learn and work effectively in a globalised world.


IIBD is affiliated with Hong Kong Baptist University and its affairs are directed by a Board of Governors representing the member institutions. The Board meets every two years to formulate development strategies and policies, as well as to approve activities of the Institute. The inaugural conference was held in November 1995.

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